“Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it.”    

- Evel Knievel


60-90 Narrative Doc on Motocross in the desert. The freedom and rush it brings.

Following biker from LA - Barstow. Gearing up and riding down. V.O. narrates his life and why he rides.

Example: Building a bike / Ambiguous following of characters / Possible race Rivalry / Cut to black as soon as race starts / Split screen / following through house into garage handheld / Day in the life // GoPro shots POV //


  • Santa Barbara

  • Pismo Beach

  • Imperial Sand Dunes

  • Barstow

Brand Pitches:

Shift (Gear) / Seven MX (Gear) / 100 Percent (Goggles)





ARRI Alexa

RED Gemini

BMPCC 4K with Helmet Cam (RENT)

Sony A7S with Helmet Cam (RENT)

Go Pro 6 (RENT)

Leica R’s

Zeiss CP2’s

Movi Pro