Never thought I'd live in LA. In 2014 while I was in college the plan was to graduate in 2018 and move to LA and build from there. Fast forward to 2015 and I dropped out of school to pursue this full time and I knew LA was the next BIG move. It never would have happened without my agent Jeremy Cohen putting in the work for my team and making the moves possible to make this big step a thing and we haven't stopped since I've been here. LA has been a great move but I feel ALOT of people just don't get what goes into this and I wanna reflect back on my last year so you can get somewhat of an insight into the "LA Life"



1 year ago today, I moved into my apartment in Hollywood. To be honest it all feels like a blur. I remember my agent picking me up from the airport and I had the biggest grin on my face and I was looking like Will Smith from the fresh prince of bel air sticking my camera out the window taking photos lol. A lot has happened since I moved to LA. I've worked with artists I've been watching since I was a kid, I've been to cities I've never been too before and I've met lifelong friends that I wouldn't know if I didn't get here. But, I still don't believe you HAVE to live here to make it "big". 


I think a lot of people have this mindset that moving to LA will make them blow up and they will be the next superstar. Yes, there are PLENTY of success stories with people moving here with $5 and become a millionaire the next month, but here's the truth. Luck and fate are huge factors in this. Of course, the work is always gonna be triumph BUT being at the right place at the right time. I knew this before moving here so I wasn't flying in from Chicago thinking "I'm gonna be so big and I'm gonna shoot for Beyonce this year and make a million dollars". I knew how this shit worked and I knew that work and fate were the ONLY factors that mattered. I never realized how many filmmakers were here trying to "make it". I knew plenty of actors were here living in a studio apartment in the valley but not AS many filmmakers. I thought when I got here I'd be meeting a lot of filmmakers who were crushing it and doing huge things but that's the small minority. Everyone is figuring it out which is really cool but gets saturated very fast and you have to know how to filter everything out to focus on your own lane.


If you have the money to move here (I would say have $10K+ saved up) you should do it, IF you are bringing value and if you are ready for the "life". I don't mean the parties, the girls, the money. I'm talking about the Real LA life. The lonely nights of you staying up drinking coffee emailing clients pitching yourself and setting up meetings. The days where you just feel like shit and that you won't make it. These are the REAL LA nights. Not going to 1oak every night and hanging with models, that shit is so played out to me and you will not amount to anything if you come to LA just wanting to party. If you have drive and work ethic and wanna be the best and you put in WORK, come here with a plan and you'll be just fine. 

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