It's crazy, 2016 is already over. I'm always in awe of how fast life moves and it just feels like time is set in fast forward. With the new year coming in everyone on social media has to let you know what "resolutions" they are going to complete this year. They wanna post a long essay saying how since the calendar is January 1st they are somehow a new person and are ready for new challenges. Half of them will not follow through with their word, which is fine because they relied on a date and new number on the calendar to mark as an excuse as to why they haven't been able to achieve their goals in life. New Years resolutions are flawed and I've never liked them. They are for the lazy and unproductive people to make themselves feel good. If you wanted to change something in your life you wouldn't wait till the new year, you would've done it the DAY you thought about it. That's how all of this works. 


Never look at the new year as just "1 year" of changes. You need to be focused on the next 30+ years of your life and always improving each day. I'm not bashing anyone who has set any "resolutions" for the year but it's all about DOING it, not SAYING it. I like to make 6 month/12 month milestones for each year. That way it's a marker of progress for halfway through and the end of the year. This way you aren't just typing BS on your twitter or facebook. You are held to a standard by the summer and making the final execution by the end of the year, not just typing "I'm gonna eat healthy". This is flawed logic. It's about putting things in a process and planning it all out. I could make a resolution saying "I'm gonna be a millionaire". Okay? There are no steps or road map to how I'm gonna get there. That's why I don't understand people making these flawed goals. It's about the HOW.


The name of the game is execution, not how many likes or shares your status gets. The world doesn't care about that, it cares how much WORK you are going to put in to what you wanna achieve. I think a lot of lazy people get caught up in the hype of these "lists" and just post them so they give people a false assumption that they are actually going to do something with their life instead of just lay around and go to their 9-5 job and waste away the next 30 years. It started yesterday and thats fine if you still don't know what you want. Just because it's January and you haven't written your "game plan" is okay. Life is all about the marathon, not the sprint. Focus on what you want, be patient and execute it. Don't worry about these people saying all of this nonsense. 50% of them just want the attention because they are insecure and want people to think they are "busy". The real winners of the race are the quiet ones who DO instead of SAY.

Always remember that. Happy New Year!





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