Let me preface this by saying LA is a great networking place but it shouldn't be in your strategy book as the "Once I do this I'm on" move. 

I moved to LA 8 months ago from Chicago. At the time I just signed to my first agency and with my manager living in LA I thought moving here would be the ultimate business move. It definitely has been a great move but every time I go back to Chicago I miss it more. Chicago is one of those cities (If you've never been) that has so much character. You can sit and watch the skyline for hours and be happy. While in LA, the palm trees and sun are a blessing - the people of LA ruin the scenery. I always wondered to myself, "why do we associate LA and NYC with success?". When I told family or friends I moved to Chicago no one really cared, but once I said "Hey I'm moving my company to LA" everyone wanted to talk about it. It's almost like LA is this magical place that no one has ever been too before. 


A lot of people have the misconception that LA is the easiest place to make it in and that's why they move here. False. LA is at the top with NYC as the biggest markets in entertainment. You don't hop off the plane and get surrounded by CEO's wanting to give you millions. These massive cities are based around who you know and that's it. The work can be mediocre but as long as you know the top dogs you will get the job.

Some people don't have these amazing networking skills so that's why a lot of video creators stay in smaller markets with less of a competition. It's a smart thing to do.  

If you wanna move to LA you need 2 things. Money and Talent. Everyone wants to think they will be the that success story moving to a big city with no money and making it big but you don't have to do that. I always recommend staying with your parents or getting a part time job to cover your rent until you save up enough to move, LA is not worth going broke over.


10 years ago you would have to be in NYC or LA to get anywhere in the industry, but something great has come along. The internet. With platforms like youtube/facebook/instagram/twitter your work can be seen anywhere and the importance of location has gone down on the list. With these platforms you can become a millionaire from your bedroom and be based in Idaho. 

Everything comes down to your brand and what you represent. Location means nothing if you have a weak brand. This concept is becoming more overlooked and  I don't understand it. I chose to build my brand in Chicago and then move it to LA once it was a solid foundation. NBA players don't practice at tryouts, they practice and build by themselves and bring what they have to the game. 

You have to treat this the same. Location means nothing if you can't bring something to the table that will help you stand out. It's about execution, not about a zip code


Ignore what people say about NYC/LA/Chicago/Dallas/Miami. Live where you feel the most productive at. Everyone wants to tell you "If you don't live in LA you won't make it". This may be partially true but you can always travel for work. Have a home base that works for you and travel where your clients are at. In the end, it's work. You shouldn't be unhappy in your location. You need to live where your creative juices are flowing 24/7 and where the best content can be made. You can live without the fake people in LA lol