Shitty Jobs. Some of us have had them, some of us haven't. When I was in high school from 10th-11th grade I had a part time job at a Bar-B-Que place in Texas. I worked about 20-30 hours a week on top of school and made maybe $200-$300/Month. I thought I was rolling in the money. I had to bus tables,clean dishes,mop the floors when we closed and opened,prep all the food and clean the restrooms. It wasn't fun, but it was a job and I tried my best at it. I had a dream of being able to quit and do music videos full time, but it was just a dream.


When you work for someone else (especially in the food business) you gotta stay on top of everything. Make sure you're always doing something and being productive until you clock out. I wasn't aware of this but having this mentality forced on yourself especially when you are 16-18 adds a lot of discipline to you without you even knowing. You are held up to a standard because if you don't meet that you will be out of a job. So with this in my head even though I hated my job, I had to do it. Even if that meant cleaning up the bathrooms every hour or getting on my knees and dusting under the table. It had to be done, because no one else was gonna do it. This is something to always think about. Just do it.


After about a year of working at this place I was getting fed up. My manager treated me like shit and I didn't wanna be there. I wanted to be at home working on video treatments or shooting videos, anywhere but at work. I was doing small video work on the side and it was slowly picking up but not where I wanted to be. After months of wanting to quit an artist "Deveon" hit me up and wanted to do a video. His budget? $350. I was going crazy lol. This was more than I made a month and I couldn't believe I was gonna get paid this for one video. So what did I do? I scheduled off and booked it. When we received our schedule the week after I was set to work on my shoot date, either though I requested off. I asked my manager and his typical answer came out "I don't care, not my problem". I never in the year that I worked skipped a day of work, it goes back to my work ethic. If I say I'm gonna be there, I'm not going against my word. But this was bigger, this was the start of something. I truly believe in fate and this was fate looking at me right in the eyes. So I skipped work and shot the video, it was perfect. I came into work and got confronted by my 2 managers, they asked where I was. I told them the truth and they told me I was suspended for 2 week. I replied with "No need to do that, cause I quit". I walked out and I was finally done with my job. No more cleaning after people or taking out the trash in the bathroom. I was about to start a journey for my career.


Let's rewind and say I never had that job and I started doing video work full time and got a big break. I wouldn't have survived. Because now I know what it's like to unclog at 11am in the morning and than clean tables for 5 hours and than mop the entire floor and than take the trash from 6 different trash cans before I can go home. Thinking about that drives me even harder to make it to the top and I respect everyone working jobs they hate and feel trapped because I was in the exact same place. Just remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint. I could've given up on this video "dream" and just said whatever. Work this job through high school, go to college and major in business and get a 9-5 for the next 35 years. But I didn't want that, I didn't want to keep working at such a low point when I already had a taste of my potential and what I could have as a full job. Without working this job I wouldn't have found my passion, I wouldn't have gone to film school in Chicago and fallen in love with that city, I wouldn't have dropped out and signed to an agency and moved to LA. All of these events were because of this terrible job. It's more of a building block then really anything in my career. It's there as a reminder to stay on my A-game because any mess ups or laziness and I might be back there again. Stay focused on your what you want to change in your life but always be in control of your future.