February 15th, 2016. I left my condo in downtown Chicago and moved into a 400 Sq ft studio in Hollywood. I didn't have any friends and I didn't have anyone to tell me where to go. My newly signed manager had never managed a video director or production company so we were all in new territory. Almost every night I would wonder if this was the "correct" path. I always thought there was a "set" path in LA you had to take. It's funny you spend your whole life finding this love for art that wasn't normal and you take that road less traveled but once you get there you think you have to focus on a "correct" path. It's something I learned that wasn't true. It's about creating something organic and fresh. Doing something no one else has done or maybe even thought, it's a custom route.

After living here for 3 months I get a call from an artist I work with - Bo Staxx. He asks me if I wanna fly to Nashville and NYC and shoot for Project Pat and Smoke DZA, I accept it quick. I see NYC and Nashville for the first time and make connections with everyone. I even spend my last night there at Sirius XM meeting and hanging with the team. All this time and I start to not worry about if I made the right move coming to LA because all of this is happening. It's slowly coming together but at least it's coming together. The summer comes and I shoot a $20K music video with my soon to be director Fraser Precious. We kill that and keep progressing. It's October and I get a call to go to NYC to shoot for Tidal and Beyonce. Everything is moving so fast and I now realize this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life. You can't make up a "path" like this, it's all organic.

I remember being 18 graduating high school and thinking my path was to finish film school in 2018 and move to LA in 2019 and hopefully build a brand. All of this was achieved just 2 years after graduating. It's not just me though who did all of this work, it comes from the support I was able to receive from everyone around the world and locally. It's a crazy feeling when some kid from Germany emails me saying I inspire them. it's stuff like these different "moments" that keep me going, not the money and not even the thought of being a famous director. I just wanna help out and inspire kids to do whatever they want in life and strive for that. I love hearing stories of people going the extra mile to make it. I was in the exact same shoes as these 18 and 19 year old kids. All I had was a dream and seeing other people just like me do it made me hopeful for the future, I knew I could make a living doing this.

With 2017 coming up, think about what YOU wanna do for the rest of your life. Not what your family wants or what your friends are pressuring you into. Do something where work doesn't even seem work. Do something that inspires to change peoples life and push them to follow dreams of their own. it all comes down to you.. and all of you have been what's kept me going. Without you, there isn't a Visual SZN

Thank you for everything, see you in 2017.

-Parker Foster of VSZN

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