It's the end of the year and that means it's time to relax and take the month off to spend time with family, right? Not quite. I feel like a lot of people see the end of the year as an excuse to slow down. As if the finish is December 31st, it's just the next event of the race. Of course, take some time off and relax but don't go turning your work phone off and your email to "vacation mode". Q4 is arguably the most crucial time to focus on your brand and the next 6 months. Building up speed in the last few weeks before the new year will dictate (almost always) how well you are gonna kick off the new year. Don't slip up and get caught lacking in Q1 and get run over by everyone else who came prepared.


Momentum.... The force in business that can make you a millionaire in a year. The force that can determine if what you are doing is being done right and at the right pace. This is a huge thing that is not spoken about but makes or break businesses. This word is what drives you into the new year. Take a break off in December and you'll come back to everything in January with no drive or speed. You ended the year with a long break and therefore you'll come into it having to restart the machine. If you keep things running at full speed you'll come into it passing EVERYONE who thought taking time off was smart. Keep the beast running and the work ethic will follow right behind it.


During the small downtime you have before the new year starts, think back to the last year. We live with ourselves everyday that we forget how much shit we've actually done all year. Look back on your calendar or videos you've shot or places you've visited. It will inspire you to go even harder the following year. It's crazy how just looking back and seeing what someone can do in 365 days. What if you look back and didn't do anything? This should only inspire you more to do something crazy for the next year and proving to yourself you were cut out to make it.


You ever wonder how people can work and work and work and build something all year. It's one thing, staying consistent. The term consistency is key is so valid and one of the best things to live by and work by. If you aren't working 7 days a week I don't think you are working hard enough. Those days you are taking off can mess up what you are working for and what you've been working for. Don't forget progression and momentum is created from the work of staying consistent. Without consistency you don't have a brand or anything to stand by.


So you work 7 days a week, you wish it was 8 cause you love it so much. You work 15-20 hours easy and you wouldn't let anyone outrun you in the world. This is the mindset you should always have. If you have anyone around you who lays around and doesn't do shit. Cut them off. If you know anyone who's been saying they would be on but it's so "hard" out here. Cut them off. Cut out all the losers in your life and start the new year right. This is the formula for making it in life. I've been fine cutting out any of these people in my life. These people will hold you back and make you slow down and lose momentum. The people on my team will run anyone over in this industry and I wouldn't want anyone else. Before getting the work ethic down, clean out the people around you. Only surround yourself with the best to become the best.  

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