We've all been there, scrolling through twitter,facebook,instagram,youtube and all we see is people getting millions of views or doing things we have been dreaming about for years. We have this toxic feeling of jealousy and how we want to be in their shoes. This feeling that we think we deserve what they have and maybe we think they don't deserve it. 

I've been here before and sometimes still feel like that, but this isn't the way to think. It slows down YOUR success story and YOUR work. Dreaming about what others have isn't going to give you anything. It all comes down to your work ethic


It took me a while to learn this. I used to be in dorm room just thinking "How the hell has this person gotten to this point? They have shit work".

This was slowing me down and just creating a negative space in my head. There is a quick fix to all of this and it's turning the situation into an inspirational one. Look back at your past work and compare it too your current work. If you just started, look ahead to what you could be possibly be doing. Get an idea of how far you've come or where you have potential to go

If you believe deep down in your heart you can make better work, do it. If you believe you are the best, be it. No one is stopping you but when you start hyper focusing on others and not on yourself you are losing sight of the big picture. it's about YOU, and no one else. Once you start focusing on what others are doing, you already lost. Look out for this.


This is a big one and almost everyone I know lets this get to them. I remember when I shot for Beyonce or Rich The Kid or Smoke DZA I got a couple of texts and emails like "Man I wish I could be getting these shoots" or "How did you get these, I can't get anything".

This is the wrong way to think and it's also crazy when some people think I just "randomly" got these shoots and like I haven't been shooting and working my ass off for the last 2-3 years, but thats besides the point lol

Trust me, I used to send my favorite creatives emails asking all kinds of questions and that's perfectly fine but once you start asking "How can I be like you?" or "I wanna be you so bad" that's just not a productive mindset. You should be asking yourself "How can I better then you?" or "I wanna be way bigger then you so bad". This is the drive I wish everyone had. Don't strive to be at the same level, aim your projections much higher!

It's all about your drive and work ethic. No how much you like someone's work or how many emails you send. The focus is on you and your work, not what someone else is doing.


Running your own creative business takes more then just some nice skills behind the camera. At the end of the day you run a business, not just someone who is going to shoot some dope videos or photos of some artist in Detroit. In late 2015, I was fortunate enough to find a manager to run VSZN's business end and it's opened up my creative side so much more. From 2013-2015 I was learning and failing on the business side of things. I was lucky enough to get pointers from my parents about business and they saved me from making some really stupid business decisions.

If you don't have someone there for you to help out the internet is a great place. Look up how to handle clients and how to read agreements and contracts. This is the boring side of the industry but you can lose a lot of money or agree to something you didn't if you don't understand this.

At the end of the day everything relies on you, not anyone else. Do you have what it takes? If not that's fine, you can always work for someone else who knows how to run shit. It's about how much you can focus on yourself and not on others. This will make or break you. Play the game smart.