Over the past 3-4 months work has been picking up and so has the amount of people who follow my brand. With that combination people have reached out to me on every platform of social media with the million dollar question - "How do I get work?"

I feel like people forget or don't know I've been in the video game for about 3 years (since late 2013). So I've been building connections slowly and having a large body of work.

With that being said, you won't pick up a camera and have hella people wanting to work with you. No one wants to hire someone with little to no work, it's about networking with anyone and everyone to get your name out there. It's easier said than done but some preliminary action is needed in order to be booked year round with work.


This should be obvious but it's very foreign to people sometimes. You need to have a product people want and you have to be able to understand how business works. Self awareness is huge in this process. You have to be realistic about your quality. I know people who make the same shit as everyone else and they keep asking me "why isn't anyone working with me?". I really wanna send them a link to the 50 videos that I see every week that looks just like the one they made lol

Have REAL friends and peers critique your work. If anyone around you says "yeah man that video was great" you need to stop sending them videos. Send your work to someone who is gonna tear it apart and offer constructive criticism. This is the only way you will grow with art


This should be #1 on every list on how to build a brand. You can have the best work in the world but if no one knows you - how will you spread it?

When I first started I would email / facebook message / text my videos to anyone and everyone who had some sort of connection to the music video world. Please bug and spam the hell out of people lol, someone will eventually open it up.

The next best thing is too work with other creatives in your area. Whether that is collaboration on a  video / doing free work for a big company / cutting a deal to a big artist so your name can be on their stuff. Doing all of this adds up too big things and could really boost your brand.




This is the hardest thing about growing a client base but it's not an overnight process. If you can't handle that you've already lost. A lot of people wanna say I got all my shit with "luck". My manager / My $15K RED / My place in LA / flying all over the states each month. 

Those people are the ones who lost and make terrible content. They are mad cause I outworked them and actually have creative content. Working 15+ hours 7 days a week for the last 2 years/ Skipping college classes to go shoot videos / not going out every weekend and staying in emailing and messaging everyone I could to get work and getting 100 no's and 1 maybe

That's what it takes. Self awareness is huge in brand building, it's not a secret formula or cheat code to the finish line - it's all about grinding your fucking ass off

If that doesn't sound like something you can handle go choose another path, you won't make it. Your future all depends all the work you are willing to put in. This applies to everything in life, you get out what you put in.